Welcome to Everett Running Group (ERG)!
Below is a little glimpse of how ERG came to be and why we exist.  
Let’s start with two dirty little words: self promotion. The words themselves are fine, but the action is often unsettling, amirite? The phrase “Just rip off the bandaid” comes to mind when trying to promote ERG’s existence, but then I immediately think of bandaids on nipples…yikes. Runners certainly do have a slightly different perspective, don’t we? Anyways, without further ado; let’s get dirty.
I will attempt to cover the “top 6” questions you might have – as determined by an exhaustive poll of all the runners (meaning: just me – Tim). 
What is Everett Running Group? 
ERG is the brainchild of Timothy and Arianna Kieser, local running enthusiasts who felt inspired to “be the change” we wanted to see in our local running community. 
If there is one thing that the running community has taught me, it’s that runners really are awesome...and often anti-social. How can one of the most generous, accepting, and friendly factions of society be so reclusive? *Insert the hundreds of answers here.* We all have reasons on why we run and all of that drive helps make up this amazing community we all love (sometimes more than we like to admit). ERG’s mission is to connect all of us, potentially against our introverted will (hehe). 
Why does Everett Running Group exist?
ERG exists because you exist. Pretty cool, huh?! The simple and beautiful act of you lacing up your shoes is the sole purpose (punny – LOL, if you must) of ERG’s existence. 
In all honesty, while that statement is very true, I’ve had the “running group” idea in my head since before I moved here from the Midwest. I credit my wife – and the worst part of society – for the push I needed to create ERG with her. Dark mornings and/or afternoons are commonplace here and the most important person in my life is out running alone.
*Cue the panic and fear.*
Ari and I train at different paces. The best we can do is start and end together, but she is all alone in the middle. So, she arms herself with personal protection, we discussed getting a more intimidating dog, and even talk about her simply just not running at night, ever. If you want to talk about male privilege, talk about the freedom to run alone at night without fear of the unmentionable. If we feel this way, we figure others in the area do too.
Live in fear of your situation or make your situation fear you; surely the words of someone wiser than I. In the end, we decided we do not capitulate fear, we face it (together). Thus the idea: create a fun, inclusive group of runners in our community to support one another, find running partners, and change a potentially scary run into a relaxed, fun run with friends.
Pairing up not only helps with safety from creepers or in case of injury, but your significant-other-runner(s) (SOR???) can be a wonderful source of motivation and accountability.
This is the running community. We support one another. This is what we do and ERG was created to help.
Why should I attend a group run when I already enjoy running by myself?
What if the weather is gross and you don’t feel like running? Or what if your bed is extra warm and you just can’t seem to get out of it? If you run alone, you just might stay home in these less-than-enthusiastic situations. What if you are meeting friends? It’s that added accountability you likely need, therefore you’ll be out logging miles (and enjoying it) instead of letting yourself slide. Running with a group makes you not only accountable to your own training, but can make those long, boring training runs feel friendly and fun.
Come meet local runners, find your accountability running partner (and many others), and have a fun running experience with us! 
What if I'm not fast enough?
Pretty sure this goes through most peoples heads – at least those of us who are not named Galen Rupp or Molly Huddle – when thinking about meeting up with other runners. Reality is that most people don’t care how fast or slow you are and many will happily slow down or speed up just to run with someone else. So whether you run a 7-minute mile or a 12-minute mile, you’ll likely find someone to run with in our group. The more of you reading this that show up, the more you’ll be helping out the next runner wanting to give ERG a chance. 
What if I don't drink?
You’re not alone! You’re also under no obligation to purchase beer or any other drink. We simply use this venue as a place to meet up before and after a run. The drink specials are a bonus for those who are interested, that’s all. It is completely acceptable to show up and never purchase anything. So bring your water bottle, or grab a glass of water from the bar, and get in a nice run with others! Crucible Brewing also has multiple non-alcoholic drink options, for those interested in that alternative.
What if I don't know anyone?
I think this is the best reason to come – to meet other runners from the area that you might not have known or ever met otherwise. This brings us back to our answer for the question “What is Everett Running Group?” above – get outta that shell! Make this the year you finally follow through with those New Year Resolutions that seem to never make it past January.
We welcome you! Come run with us
– Timothy (and Arianna) Kieser
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